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PCI DOCS (Deployable Oxygen Concentrator Systems) provides to the aquaculture customer:
-Robust, reliable source of on-site generated oxygen regardless of the
  environment – cold or hot, dry or humid
-Low-cost supply of oxygen for continuous, year-round needs with oxygen produced right at the farm
-Efficient process uses a blower to move air into an adsorber vessel at very low pressures and eliminates the need for an air compressor.


Active Oxygen Management Program

Like humans, aquatic species need oxygen to survive. In aquaculture, oxygen is diffused into water to increase stocking density and production yields. Consistently higher dissolved oxygen levels result in lower mortality and higher food conversion rates. To maintain optimal growth conditions, it is essential to utilize an active deployable oxygen management system.

  • Increased stocking density and production yields
  • Increased food conversion ratio results in cost savings from improved feed utilization
  • Minimized fish mortality from decreased disease rates and fish stress
  • Better water quality
  • Optimum growth rates
  • Increased production capacity due to reduced cycle times
  • Pumping cost savings due to reduced water recirculation
  • Higher profits due to average weight gain and higher fish quality


Irish Oxygen Company is a certified
Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB),
with over 27 years of experience.

© Copyright 2019 - All Rights Reserved Email: